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Thursday, 20 April 2006

hi again...
kinda happy i am updating it,means i'm a good gal, far,i dun noe if anyone has seen this..i mean my blog..
well,hope to gather all food bloggers,like some meals or getogether party for food lovers..or people may sponsor and interview us or smt?:P
well..went to Dining@Sakae at The Atrium yesterday for lunch, or maybe tea?but it is a very filling tea,haha..had many sushi..oh and it was only the second day of their opening,so probably many of u dunno about it,here i am to let u noe!
the waitress told us there is buffet too, but i dun feel like eating A LOT today so i rejected but promised to try, and i will!cuz i love eating nonstop,as much as i like!so tts y i love BUFFETS!View the photos in my album k cuz they are so big on the blog, it occupies the whole page,hehe..and i dunno how to minimize the size tts y...if u happen to noe, do tell me!
Today i had Tiong Bahru Pao, u guys should noe its good rite?i always eat the big chicken bao..and,i went mos burger at orchard emerald after school, had their butterfly prawns, mindstone soup and a cup of hot tea..sorry, was too late when i wanted to take photos..haha..the mindstone soup actually came in a cup, i was wondering it had been cooked like ages ago?the butterfly prawns was fried evenly to crispness, i finished all the head and toe..hehe..juz joking, i meant the tea is lipton, i think they should change it, its not worth the prize to drink lipton tea outside when i can drink 10 cups at home and cost only a few cents..

Posted by younggastro at 6:52 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 20 April 2006 7:10 AM EDT
Tuesday, 18 April 2006
1st entry
hi! I'm so excited I hope this entry will catch more readers!I will update mostly about my food experiences and probably I can upload some photos I took. .

know about the orchard's hotel salmon and seafood buffet?thought it
would be that fantastic but the spread was quite pitiful i should say,and
the desserts are not up to standard, i had lunch by the way, and choc
fountain wasnt even there. it was really not worth the 40 bucks i paid.very
disappointing. i planned to +ry their porridge buffet but was fully booked
when i called and ended up at riverview hotel's chinese restaurant for their
ala-carte buffet-
their food were a mixture of good and bad, we ordered like
20 over dishes, and plus the dessert and soup buffet, we had a very filling
dinner indeed. i should compliment their quick service in their serving of
dishes. we ate like we havent eaten for ages!haha..
oh, i begged my aunt to bring me to bukit timah for lunch last sat, cuz
i know there are many good restaurants there, but she say bukit timah is
very big and it is hard to find some restaurants. so we just alighted at an
area where i see many restaurants. we basically walked along the stretch of
road, and ended up in front of this most corner restaurant, it doesnt have a
sign so i din even know it was one, inside looked so high class and they
look more like selling things. i took a peep inside and noticed cooks and
seats upstairs and decided it was a restaurant, so i went in i somewhat i
realized it was coruroy and finch! at first, i was having such a hard time
to decide where to eat but once i entered there, i told myself that was
where i'm gonna have my lunch, i quickly dragged my aunt upstairs cuz no one
came to our service and we thought it was rather unpleasant. we found a sofa
seat that looks down to the kitchen and a woman came to us with the paper
menu. i glanced through and all looked so fantastic, i always do research
before i come to a decision so it wont be a disappointment you see...hmm, we
chose for so long,haaha...we finally ordered a linguini with mushrooms in
wine sauce and a mushroom cream soup to share. a plate of bread was
complimentary so it was quite filliing, i must say the food was very good,
looks like its mushroom day for us,hehe..we had a pot of earl grey and a
zesty lemon tart which i ate on my own as my aunt hated the lemony taste. we
refilled a couple of times,i think the waitress was frustrated too..
Wow isn't this long? haha.. do comment on it yah? Do let me know anything about food news.Thank You!!

Posted by younggastro at 12:44 AM EDT

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